Monday, February 14, 2005

Weekend in Review

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend? I spent most of it watching The Greatest American Hero. There was a mix-up on release dates, and I got mine earlier then I should have. Still a cool show. And that theme song.... Although Benjamin probably wishes I hadn't gotten it. He's seen far more of it then he would wish, I'm sure. At least he should be gone before season 2 comes out.

I also did my taxes over the weekend. I'm getting refund from both state and fed! I wasn't quite sure how things would work out since I was claiming rental income for the first time as well as the interest deductions. But, as I figured, one canceled out the other and it turned out to be about the same. I filed on line and I should have my refund in my savings account by the end of the month.

Game night was at Konrad and Carol's. We played Scattergories. That games fun, too, and it's been a long time since I played it.

Roommate update. I told the one that I didn't want "The Destroyer" staying at our place. Apparently, he's on his way into town, but will stay with some friends of a different roommate. If I cared what my roommates thought of me (they obviously think I'm dirt as is), I'd be curious to know what they think of me. Meanwhile, they were about to sign on a place, but then someone backed out, so they'll need to look and apply to different places. I'm trying hard not to gloat because it's not mature, but I could have told them they'd have this kind of trouble. I'm almost expecting an announcement that only one of them is leaving after all, but we'll see. I just don't see how two of them will be able to afford what they're going to be paying once the dust settles. Then again, it's not my problem and I shouldn't be worrying about it. I just can't help it because I like being right. Rather immature of me, isn't it?

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