Friday, February 25, 2005

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I know, that's a Christmas song. But it really truly is. Thunder and lightening frighten me. Never experienced that much of it growing up. So today's thunder and lightening storm wasn't one of my favorite parts of today.

Especially since the lightening was stricking around campus. Only building I've heard that's been hit was the Stewardship Services Building, which is a ways away from me and a building not directly connected with the college. But it's still freaky. And the thunder was so loud I kept jumping for about 30 minutes.

We were getting hail and hard rain, too.

Looks like it's cleared up now. Sky looks as blue as when I came into work this morning.

Meanwhile, my garage door doesn't seem to want to close all the way any more, and I'm not sure why. It closes far enough to be securely closed, but why won't it go down as far as it used to? I swear, that door is driving me up a wall. (Not that it takes much these days.)

Went to another placement company yesterday. Again, on the 101, so again, most of their jobs are further away then I'm really interested in. I consider it a bit of false advertising since he talked about jobs in the northern San Fernando valley to me on the phone but in person acts like there are never any jobs to have there. He was also trying to talk me into taking no raise to get another job. Sorry, but the reason I'm looking for a new job is to get a raise. If I want to make what I make now, I'll stay at a job I love, thank you very much. And I'm certainly not going to agree to that without looking for a while first. I've been at this a week. I'm not going to lower my standards yet. And, honestly, I'd be very surprised if I lower my standards that far.

Took Pete out to lunch for his birthday today. Nice to have a chance to hang out with him. We used to do that all the time, but now hardly see each other, even though we just work at different ends of the same building. Meanwhile, today is also my friend Casey's birthday. How old they are. (And the fact that they are both younger then me is completely irrelevant.)

That's not thunder I hear again, is it?

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