Wednesday, February 09, 2005

In Which I Am Sorry I Insisted Jeff Come Back

You may or may not remember, but when Jeff moved out in May, he left behind some stuff that wouldn't fit in his parent's trunk, including the chair we had out on the balcony. I looked around this summer, and they don't make that chair that size anywhere. In fact, I was treated as stupid for saying they ever had.

About a month ago, I called Jeff and told him it was well past time for him to come get the rest of his junk. After all, he'd said he'd be back in June to get it. He agreed. Well, Monday night was the night he came, and he surprised me by showing up with a truck. Seems that while he was happy to leave me the chair, his wife wasn't. So they flew to northern CA, borrowed a truck, and drove down here to pick up the stuff, including that chair. Not sure how it's getting back to Idaho, but it's no longer at the condo. And I'm rather sad about that. It was nice having a chair out on the balcony. I had fun sitting out there and reading when the weather was nice. And it created another room people could use, which in a place that small is a definite plus. Not sure what I'm going to do out there now. We'll just have to wait and see.

In spite of all that, I am glad to have the rest of the stuff out of my place. It was beyond time he got the rest of it. And he kept saying "That's where this has been," so I'm sure he's glad, too. And I was glad to see him again. Nice to catch up. I miss my friend Jeff. Still don't miss my messy roommate Jeff, however.

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