Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Banging My Head Against a Wall Has to be Less Painful

Seriously, if I promise to bang my head against the wall an hour a day, can I skip the next couple of weeks?

Let's start with Monday night. I'm at dinner. Eating alone. I hear a voice call from behind me. It's a female co-worker. Married with grandchildren. Known her for years. "Mark, where's your Valentine." Said in a very teasing voice. Excuse me? Maybe, just maybe, you should know better by the time your 60 then to tease people like that? I'm not one of those super sensative people who is offended by couples. And I know Valentine's Day is about couples. That's fine. But to tease someone who is single on Valentine's Day is beyond poor taste.

My response was the turn back to my table. I couldn't figure out what to say that I wouldn't regret later.

Now the fun turns back to my roommate soap opera.

Last night, roommate 1 was watching Veronica Mars with me when roommate 2 came home. (BTW, Matt, this is the next show I hook you on. After 24.) When the show ended, 1 asked 2 about the place 1's friend was to be staying. Turns out it won't work after all. So 1 goes to call him and then tries to find a Super 8 Motel near by.

Guessed who turned up at the front door as I was frantically trying to leave for work this morning. 1's friend. Who only introduced himself after I demanded his name. And he'd already ask "Which one are you?" Common curisy anyone?

Can this situation turn out in any way to make me look any more petty and worse?

I can tell I'm tired and frustrated. I'm ready to snap at just about everyone. Over anything. There had better not be any major crises anywhere for the next few days, or I may blow at someone who really doesn't deserve it.

Meanwhile, it's two weeks until 1 moves out for sure. Not that I'm counting the days or anything. I have a feeling it will be a very long two weeks. And it'll be interesting to see what happens when I remind them that this weekend is my turn to host the game night again.

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