Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Ok, so I don't think it's been any secret that I support Bush. I am thrilled by the results of yesterday's election. This time, Bush won the popular vote (by more then Clinton ever did) and the electoral college.

Guess we should have seen this coming. After all, the Red Sox did win this year, so obviously previously held superstitions about football teams and kid's votes in mock elections weren't meant to hold up. Heck, even mine didn't hold together. I've been pointing out that the only other time we've had father/son Presidents was John Adams and John Quincy Adams, both of whom served only one term. Now we have Bush I, who only served one term. Yet this predictor meant nothing as well.

Frankly, I think the thing I'm happiest about is that we have a winner. I was so worried that things were such a mess that we wouldn't know the outcome for weeks just like last time. I must say my respect for Senator Kerry grew by leaps and bounds today. We listened to his concession speech on the radio here at work, and it was very gracious. Probably the best thing I heard out of him all year because it was well thought out and seemed honest.

Of course, I can't help but gloat some. I've gone back to the Amazon Customer Review Board to watch the Democrats over there loose it. And sure enough, they are so distraught about how stupid the rest of the country could be. I'm taking this as a personal victory over them. And yet another one is threatening to move to Canada. Either move or don't, but don't say you will if you don't mean it. I'm sick of people leaving a country because of their side loosing an election. And I'm also gloating over Dan Rather and Michael Moore. Seems more people saw through the lies then you thought they would, huh?

Ok, I'm done now. I'm really happy, can you tell?

The thing is, most of those who read this who disagree with me are from the Trixie community. And there we've kept with our normal civil selves. Of course, we've pretty much ignored the issue completely, but even when we did discuss it at Zap's it managed to be decent. Unlike four years ago. So for those in the Trixie community, know this was not meant at you in any way. It was meant for those Democrats who think conservatives are stupid idiots who need to be told how to think.

Had a condo full to watch the results come in last night. They had to leave at 11:30 when Fox News had called it 269 to 242 for Bush. We'd been waiting for over an hour to see Bush finally go to victory with Nevada and New Mexico both looking promising. I felt like I was in that old Mary Tyler Moore episode. "A trend is definitely developing." I stayed up until 12:30 when I couldn't stay awake any more. Then when I got up this morning, I found out things hadn't changed. :) I think no one wanted to call it for Bush too early after what happened last time. When class was over this morning, we found out that Kerry had called Bush to concede. That will go futher then anything else toward smoothing over boundries.

Ok, on to other topics. I am an idiot. :) (And one who was just complaining about being called one.) I was trying to restring my guitar last night, and the strings kept slipping out. Took it into a music store today and had to be shown how to do it. So now, after wasting hours, it's done. So I will be able to play my guitar tomorrow night. Now, if I can just figure out what happened to my tool to help crank the knobs, I'll really be happy.

And I got a massive leg cramp last night for no reason I could tell. I was rolling over and it hit me. My leg is still sore and it's 13 hours later. Hope it doesn't happen again tonight.

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