Friday, November 19, 2004

Something to say

I need a topic to talk about. I really should have a blog post today, but nothing much has happened.

I think I may have made some progress on research on my paper this week. Guess we'll see when I start writing this weekend. I still don't really feel like I have any clue what I'll be talking about.

And here's the worst part. I'm going to have to use footnotes or end notes! I was always able to use paraenthetical references when I was a student. The main reason I'm not looking forward to this? I hate trying to make word do what I want it do. That could take longer then the paper itself. Still, that' minor compared to getting the paper written.

And this is the guy who said a 5 page paper would be a breeze. LOL.

I'm really enjoying Jeremy Camp's new CD. Not as hard rock as his first with some great lyrics. Hope to get a review up next week.

And I got Clay Aiken's Christmas CD. Instant classic. I love it!

Youth group last night, we were in the music room for the school instead of the huge gym/sanctuary. It was more crowded, but we could actually hear everyone singing, which was so nice for a change. Small room, better accustics for a small group. Must remember that.

Wednesday night, of course, was the end of an era. The last night Matt would come over to watch sci-fi. Of the group that started three and a half years ago, he was the last one. Now it's just down to Matt. The other one.

Weather's been really nice during the day. Low 70's. Cools down to the 50's at night. Haven't had to run the heater or AC much this month at all. My electric bill will love that next month.

I bought a new coat Wednesday night. My old one got ruined by my airbag going off in my accident 3 years ago, and I finally replaced it. Got it on sale at Kohl's. 50% off. Can't beat a deal like that. It's heavier, too, which will be nice.

Look at that, I managed to find something to ramble about.

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