Monday, November 08, 2004

Relaxing, but Unprofitable

That's how my weekend was. How about yours?

I was going to hit my paper hard this weekend, reading through the books I got in the library and at least formulating the outline for the paper for my class.

Instead, I came in to play ultimate Frisbee. There were only six of us, but we did play for about 20 minutes. Then I went home and finished my book. And tried to cut my hair in something other then a straight buzz. After an hour of it getting worse and worse, I gave up and shaved it off. Tried to go see The Incredibles with my roommates but at 2:30 it was sold out until 10:15. So we wound up going out to play miniture golf instead. Which was really nice. It's the first time all four of us have done something other then hang out in the condo together.

Sunday was church. And I didn't get anything done in the afternoon, either. So now I'm stuck with a pile of books I need to start reading through tonight. We'll see if it happens.

I did get my Christmas list put together for my parents. They only ask for it two weeks ago.

But I have this fan fic idea that has taken over my brain. All stemming from the Jim and Dan fight thread over at Zap's. I've hardly been able to think about anything else all day, which is amazing considering how much work I've gotten done. Still, when Tom goes to bed early, I won't have any choice but to join Benjamin and Drew in the living room studying.

Ah, the joys of peer pressure.

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