Friday, November 12, 2004

My Week in Review

Not that there's too much to review.

Tuesday night, I went with Matt, Casey, and Stephanie to see The Incredibles. It was incredible! Seriously, it was loads of fun. Pixar has yet another hit on their hands. I hope their winning streak lasts for a long, long time. I'm thinking I'll probably go with my roommates this weekend, too. Disney was stupid to let them get away.

Last night we did a new song at youth group. "Pour Out my Heart." At least it was new to me. But I really like it. It'll definitely be making a come back.

I have done nothing toward my paper or the Sunday School lesson for Sunday yet. I guess that's what tomorrow is for.

I officially hate Halo 2. It will be months and months before I am able to use my TV in the living room without kicking someone off. And to hook it up to the internet, they have to unhook my computer. Not to mention the fact that it's a shoot 'em up game, which I dispise because I'm horrid at them, get lost, and they're pointless. Other then that, I like it. :)

Got our annual jr. high thanksgiving tonight. It's when everyone brings a food that starts with the first letter of their last name. I'm bringing my standard, bread and butter. Worked through lunch so I can get off at 4:30 and actually buy it and change clothes and get there on time. Should be fun, as always.

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