Monday, November 01, 2004

The Happiest Place on Earth

That's where I spent Saturday. Not that I've recovered from it yet. :)

I was supposed to meet Matt, Casey, and Stephanie at Master's early Saturday morning. Like 6:45 AM. I got here about 6:55. Something about leaving when I was supposed to be arriving. Anyway, we headed down and arrived at the park at 8 AM. And started waiting. Angelique ran into a detour that got her there much later then she had planned, but we were finally all set and headed into the park.

I was afraid it would be a nightmare on some of the big rides since Matterhorn was closed and Space Mountain is still under major renovations. But it was the least crowded it's ever been. We hit everything we wanted to at least once. Except for the Snow White musical. I just couldn't get anyone but Casey on my side for that one. We only used the Fast Pass a few times since most of the time it was just as fast to walk onto the ride. Don't think we waited longer the 15 minutes for most things, although we did wait 40 minutes for Indiana Jones the second time around. They were out of Fast Pass, so we decided waiting was the best option.

Highlights? Screaming at all the wrong times. And getting directly on Alice in Wonderland thanks to the ladies paying attention to a worker offering us a short cut through the exit line.

And then there's my new name. Saturday was Master's day at Disneyland, so they were selling discounted tickets here for a week and plan a couple group meetings for anyone interested. Since I bought 4 of the 5 tickets in the group, four of the five little fliers talking about that stuff came to me. The top one came to Mark Baker, and I thought nothing of it. The other three, however, were addressed to Mark Bark. Naturally, everyone got a kick out of that. :) And instead of going into the trash, I bet those fliers are still around for quite some time.

Normally, my 8 AM to Midnight day in the park kills my legs, but they were hardly tired by the time we were done. I think after last weekend, Disneyland was nothing.

I had forgotten how they changed "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." The "pre-presentation" includes sending us to 1863 Washington DC. They give us headphones, and all the sound is in them. The amazing thing is how real it is. There's one point when someone is cutting your hair or a fly is buzzing around you. It sounds so real it's creapy.

I have got to get back to CA Adventure, though. It's calling me. I really think I'm going to get an annual pass next year at some point. After all, with the 50th Anniversary next year, I'm sure I'll want to go more then once.

Of course, we got back very late Saturday night/Sunday morning. And, even with the extra hour of sleep, I still haven't recovered sleep wise. I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Especially since tomorrow could be a long night, waiting for election results.

Which brings me to my public survice announcement for the day. If you live in the US, tomorrow is election day. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!! I'm sure (Bush) you've figured out by now (Bush) who I support (BUSH) but the most important thing is to vote. Voter turnout keeps declining, and it's one of the most important freedoms we have in this country. It's how we hold our representatives accountable for their actions in office. So please vote.

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