Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Yesterday Wasn't/Was My Day

With the way my day started yesterday, I was beginning to think I should just go back to bed. I had an appointment with my allergist at 10:30 yesterday. Now, granted, I got there at 10:35. But I was told the doctor was running late. Furthermore, they didn't copy my chart, so I couldn't get my shots like I'd planned to do.

I'll say the doctor was running late. It took an hour before she saw me. The visit itself went fine. And the plus was I got quite a ways through my book. In fact, I finished Killer Blonde last night. Read it in two days. Really enjoyed it in case you didn't figure that out. :)

After I finished the book last night, I went to my ultimate Frisbee game. And had the best game I've ever had. After trailing most of the game, we won 17-14. And some of the people they had "guarding" me were really poaching off of me. I got the disc at least five times and was able to pass it on all but one time. And one of those times was to score the point! I had hoped to catch one in the end zone and that didn't happen. But still, I was flying high. Nice to actually contribute something other then keeping my defender occupied.

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