Monday, August 09, 2004

I'm Experiencing Phatom Hair Syndrome!

So, after having hair for 9 months after not having it for several years, I suddenly remember what it was like when I first shaved my head.

I get out of the shower and worry about combing my hair. And yet I don't have enough hair to comb.

In fact, my hair feels like I need to comb it, when their isn't hair of that length up there.

And I keep worrying about the comb in my wallet when getting it out or putting it in.

I'm laughing at myself for it. Yet with our sudden heat wave, it feels so good.

Of course, I did seem to get a sun burn at the pool yesterday. And I was only there less then an hour!

In other news, I spent Saturday out and about. Started out at the Reagan Presidental Library. First time I've been there this year, actually. Enjoyed the exhibit on Lewis and Clark. And got to see Reagan's grave. It was the most crowded I've ever seen it. I guess things are starting to slow down since Reagan's death, but it's been busy since then. They've also started building the building where Airforce 1 is going to be on display. I can't wait for that to open next summer.

Then I went down to Thousand Oaks for the signing for The Shooting Script, the third Diagnosis Murder novel. Had a great time and stayed much longer then I had intended to. Lee Goldberg is such a fun guy to hang out with. Started the book yesterday, and so far I'm enjoying it. As I expected.

And that's about all the news here. I'm supposed to be headed out to Ventura right now to spend an evening with the youth. It's the annual beach retreat and even though I need to work, I'm heading over there tonight.

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