Monday, August 02, 2004

I'm Back!

I'm trying not to turn too green reading about Trixie Camp. Really, I am. Even if I didn't get to go, I had a good weekend.

Got up to my parent's Thursday night. The drive was mostly uneventful. Hit one patch of traffic where they had one lane closed. Other then night, sailed right up.

Friday morning we slept in as best we could and then I went out and picked up my tux. We were supposed to be helping decorate the church, but there wasn't enough for all who were there to do, so I didn't do much at all. Still, everything go done before the rehersal.

And the rehersal is were things got interesting. My sister-in-law's parents dont' get along and they got into a fight and my bro, sil, and her mom wound up yelling at each other in the bathroom for a little while. We were actually concerned that this might ruin the wedding itself, so we started praying hard.

Fortunately, it didn't.

We got to the church early to take pictures. Surprisingly, we managed to get all the pictures taken before the ceremony started. While this has been the intention of all the weddings I've been do, it hasn't happened until this one. We did take a couple with extended family after the ceremony, but that was it.

The wedding went off with only one hitch, bro and sil. The reception was nice as well. It was really nice getting to catch up with family I don't see all that often. Even if it wasn't for as long as I would like.

Then yesterday, I got to drive home. Stopped and had lunch with Donald and Heather. Lots of fun and too short as always.

Got home last night to discover that our house guest is still there. He was supposed to be gone Thursday night. Now, he's supposed to be gone Friday when his host goes home for a visit. That had better be the case. I'm just really not confortable with the cituation.

In other news, I see I'm working on making another convert. Faith picked up a Trixie book to read! While many people like #7, my favorite is The Gatehouse Mystery. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

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