Sunday, February 29, 2004

I just had to post on leap day. :) Especially since it's on a Sunday. We only get 5 Sundays in February once every 28 years, you know. (The things you learn in church.)

And, for the record, Thursday marked my two year blogaversary. Just in case you care.

Meanwhile, here's today's word association game.

  1. Hollywood:: Movies
  2. Censor:: Restrict
  3. Nascar:: Car racing
  4. Lube:: Oil and Filter
  5. Mortgage:: Payment
  6. Freedom:: America
  7. Champion:: Winner
  8. Reality TV:: Survivor
  9. New York:: Big city
  10. Tease:: Laugh

Now I'm off to write a couple of leap day reviews, including for At Wick's End, which I read almost all of yesterday. Short but good book. :)

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