Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I was a good little boy the rest of the weekend. Didn't spend a dime I didn't have to. In fact, didn't spend a dime I should have, like gas. I'm gambling that gas prices will go down tomorrow since Labor day is over with. Here's hoping. They're at $2.09/gallon at the cheapest station here in town at the moment.

Got a new neighbor in my apartment this weekend. My last neighbors moved out over the fourth of July weekend. And they are certainly making me look forward more to my move. (Only 18 days.) Saturday, at 10 PM, they stick in a movie. And the walls start rattling. I went over and asked them to turn it down, which they did no problem, but we were back to it being that load Sunday and Monday. Just hope I don't walk into a situation like that at my new place.

Anyway, I went through Beauty and the Beast this weekend. Only 11 months after the DVD came out. I love that movie! And I watched part of my Rocky and Bullwinkle season 1 set. Meanwhile, remember that Alias season 1 came out today!

Monday, however, I took a different tack and read as much as possible. Finished Murder Pans Out that way, reading over 3/4 of it.

In between reading, I had the guys over and we watched 3 episodes of Babylon 5. Mikey, their new driver (so I don't have to drive after I've moved), seemed to like the show. And doesn't seem too lost, which is good considering we're about to finish season 2.

Then Seth and I went out to dinner and he came over and we watched Spider-Man. So basically, I had a nice relaxing weekend.

Now I come back to reality and work. What a bummer. :(

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