Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Well, my offer was counter-offered. I counter offered that at noon and am sitting here waiting to see what happens next. I hate waiting!

Took a nice little nap last night. Can't figure out why. :)

Got an ultimate frisbee game tonight after going to the Moss's to get ready for tomorrow night. We're meeting at six, so I need to get going fast after work.

But there's been something on my mind, and this seems like as good a time as any to share. I did share this with a couple people at convention, but here goes again.

It concerns our "wonderful" governor, Grey Davis. If you'll remember back in November, I voted for his opponent and was very upset he lost. I said at the time, we didn't need another four years of this guy who doesn't know what he's doing. Well, suddenly, lots of other people in CA have decided I was right. There's a movement under foot to vote Davis out of office, and it looks like it'll be on the November ballot. Like the good Republican that I am, when I got the petition in the mail, I threw it away. Why?

Maybe I'm being vindictive. But I don't see anything that's come to light in the last 9 months that makes him any worse of a governor. So, if he was good enough in November, why isn't he good enough now? People voted for him because they didn't know enough about Simon to make an informed decision. So. Anyone would have to be better then Davis by default. But, if people wanted him, then they should have to put up with him for four years.

Of course, this will not be a popular opinion with my family since they are facing weird stuff from the budget crisis. And we are in bad shape thanks to his "leadership." If this were next summer, I would have gotten behind it. But this started almost as soon as he took office the second time!

Now, when the vote comes, I will vote to get him out of there. And no, I won't be voting for Arnold if he should run to replace Davis. Don't know who I'll vote for yet, but anyone would have to be better then Davis.

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