Thursday, July 24, 2003

Welcome to this week's Thurday Threesome, brought to us this week by Marie Calendar's and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Chicken- Chicken, beef or pork? What's in the barbeque or on the grill this summer? ...or is it just too hot and a salad is all you're up to putting together?
My BBQ? Nothing cause I don’t have one. I prefer beef over chicken or pork, so if I am at a BBQ and have a choice, that’s what it would be.

Twosome: Pot- Okay, really, did you inhale? I mean, what happened to all the side dishes that were served with the meat? ...and what side dish is essential to make your meal complete?
Did I inhale? I don’t even smoke! O, there’s more to the question. :) I like to have potatoes as a side dish, but I’m really not picky. Just don’t make potato salad and you’ve got yourself a guest.

Threesome: Pie- Hey, are you a pie or cake kind of person? ...or is it ice cream that 'floats' your dessert boat?
I prefer pie over cake, but ice cream is first choice. If it weren’t for my weakness for ice cream, I probably wouldn’t have gained nearly as much weight as I did my first year down here. Ice cream twice a day will really do it to you.

And, in condo news, I still know nothing about my counter-counter offer, but I think things aren't looking that good. Meanwhile, I'm going to look at a couple new ones tonight between work and Bible study

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