Monday, July 14, 2003

This weekend was HOT! That wedding was in Twentynine Palms, and it was over 110 on Saturday. It was around 100 when I got there at 9:30 Friday night. And the buildings weren't air conditioned. They had fans and swamp coolers. That was it! Very glad to get back to 98 degree Santa Clarita. :)

The wedding itself was nice, and we were asked to sit in the front row even. Of course, that was because no one could see anything but the groomsmen's backs from where we were sitting, but it was still an honor. And it didn't make a difference in what we heard. :)

Actually got to spend time with my family and see their new trailer. Very nice, and the way it folds down is amazing and genious. Really, it is. We swam both places and played games yesterday. Dad and I actually won at canasta. Usually whichever team Mom is on wins, and she's usually Mike's partner. We drew cards to see which team was which, and that's how it turned out again. Dad and I were behind the entire way, but managed to pull it out in the last hand.

So, today, I had a million things to try to do, and I got none of them done. This is not a good start to my short week.

Went and looked at a condo at lunch time. But it's really out of my price range. If I'm buying something in that range, I need something where I can have a couple roommates. This was a small one bedroom and I wouldn't be able to have more then Marcus. And I doubt he'd pay half my mortgage for me. :) Prices seem to have gone up 10K in the last week! Yes, I'm a tad discouraged. Ok, alot discouraged.

But, since I looked at that, I didn't work out. And Tommy and I decided not to go to the ultimate frisbee pickup game tonight. And Pete and I won't be swimming tomorrow. So I've basically become very, very lazy. :)

I see that Susansuth didn't steal the quizzes I did on Friday. (The fact that she might have done them before hand is beside the point.) Here's another one I forbid her to steal!

Threat rating: zero. Excellent work - you
demonstrate all the qualities of patriotism
that will make America even greater under Bush.
USA no.1!!!

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not surprised by the result. But I'm a little offended by the answers I had to pick. I don't agree with them any more then I agree with the wrong answers! But then again, they didn't consult me when they made it. :)

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