Wednesday, July 09, 2003

So, I've now been pre-approved for a loan amount I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with. :) But I want to at least look that high. And, frankly, the prospect of finding something up that high is better. So I'll just have to tighten up. This is be my last year at Trixie camp. And I'll have to buy fewer books, CD's, and DVD's. Not fun, but I need to do this if I want to stop paying rent and watch that go up every month.

Meanwhile, the two bedroom I liked so much Saturday is in escrow already. As is the best one bedroom we looked at in Castaic. The one bedroom from Saturday is still available, but I want to hold off. No need to rush now unless it's a two bedroom with laundry room space and a garage. If so, then I'd better jump!

Other then that, not much new in my life. The preliminary week of the audit is happening right now, but that hasn't really effected me much. Started cleaning the apartment last night. Dust and vacuumed. And did a load of towels. Tonight is cleaning the bathrooms, which won't be that big a deal since I just did that a couple weeks ago when Daniel spent the night. Heading over to the Moss's. Hope they remember since I haven't talked to them all week. And then hoping to finish The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency tonight as well. Still undecided on whether I like it or not. We'll have to see how it ends.

And I must add how upset I was to see Rob get kicked off Last Comic Standing last night. Truly, a very funny guy. If you want more on my opinion, head over to snarkfest.

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