Monday, July 07, 2003

Saturday morning, I was being lazy watching The Dick van Dyke Show on TV Land when the phone rang. It was Linda, my realtor. Two new properties were showing up on her listing, so I hopped up, took a quick shower, and we headed out. I really liked one of them, a two bedroom with garage and room for a full sized washer and dryer. I think it's in my price range, but Linda's mortgage person doesn't, and I haven't heard back from my guy yet today. Of course, that was Saturday. There are probably 3 or 4 offers on it already. We were the 4th people to look at it.

The other was a one bedroom that would work, but first choice is a two bedroom.

Now comes the hard part. Have I seen enough to know I want that two bedroom? It's been less then a week. Or will I never get a chance like this again?

So, being the basically responsible person I am, I headed out to Pasadena Saturday afternoon. Went by Mitchell Books. First time I've been back since Linda closed her store. Frankly, didn't look that different and, for all his talk, I wasn't that impressed. Basically, it looks like it did with Linda there. I thought he'd take down some of the dividers or something. Anyway, then I headed down to Book 'Em and bought the new books I "needed" that came out in July. I need more time to read.

Yesterday, Debbie was in town again. Had a wonderful lunch with her and Konrad. Before she got there, I headed over to Barnes and finally saw Trixie on the shelf again! Man, it was nice. Now, if only I could find them at Borders. They claim to have them....

Then last night was a SNYF. We played some fun games with ice blocks and ice cubes. The weather has "cooled off" to low 90's, but it still felt nice. :) And he showed pictures from the beach trip last week. Man, I want to go on one of their trips this year! We ran late, however. I really wish Dave would pay more attention to the time. We waited 40 minutes for him to finally get games started. And, since Kurt and I didn't know what we were doing, we couldn't get things started any sooner then that.

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