Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I really did intend to stop by yesterday. But Jason and I were working to reconcil an account so Sheree could close it for the year. We were working with faulty numbers, and once we figured that out (after an hour) we solved things in 10 minutes. :) Funny how correct information makes the job easier.

So, what have I been up to?

Monday night, I went down with Tommy and we played ultimate frisbee pick-up game. I was really encouraged because I scored twice, both times by breaking away from the guy guarding me. Makes me feel better about my playing abilities. Now, if only I could throw to someone on my team.... We're planning on going down every Monday night the rest of the summer, so hopefully it will help both of us.

Then yesterday at lunch time, Pete and I went swimming. Second time all summer! I figure between these two activities, I've lost 20 lbs., right? Right?!

Of course, I also caught a cold yesterday. It's summer, that's not supposed to happen! :(

My parents got back from their cruise yesterday and had a wonderful time. Heard all about it last night.

Called Mike Lovell again Monday night and we decided I really shouldn't go to Hume this weekend afterall. So, I'm stuck here in town. :( But I'm planning a trip to Pasadena today and I've borrowed some movies I'm interested in watching, so hopefully it'll still be a fun weekend. And I've got Bible study tomorrow and my ultimate game. Career group is having a get together Friday night, so I won't be completely lonely. BUT I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!

Meanwhile, Phil told us to go home at noon, so I think I'm out of here. I'll probably be in at some point, but don't expect me until you see me.

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