Saturday, February 22, 2003


Just got home from the wedding a little over 30 minutes ago. My family isn't back from their day in San Francisco yet, so I thought I'd jump on the internet.

The wedding was very nice. Ran into some old friends I haven't seen in years that I grew up with in church. Spent most of the reception with them, even though we were supposed to be at different tables. But four people at their table never showed up, so it didn't make any difference at all. I only knew maybe 10 people there, so it was nice to have people to talk to. They're doing well, from the sounds of things.

Man, they kept playing music at the reception I wanted to get up and dance to. The worst was when they played "Lady in Red" and "Great Balls of Fire." Brings back lots of memories from dance pracitce at Nordquists.

Had a good drive up yesterday. Did pull off at a rest stop and dozed for about 30 minutes. Made a world of difference. Traffic was much lighter then it's been the last few times I've driven up here. I slept like a rock last night and didn't get up until after 9 this morning. Feeling about like yesterday. Still only 95% Mainly a small, mild headache.

Anyway, should probably post this and sign off. See you all Tuesday.

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