Wednesday, February 05, 2003

So, I bet you'd like an update on my life if I'm through ranting. (And I think I am for the time being. I'm very close to a rant on anti-war people, but that's not going to happen today.)

Monday night, I talked to my family. Found out that Grandma is now living with them full time. The only reason she spent a weekend with my uncle is because they called up and told him to. They had a meeting with someone about alternatives at this point since she can't go live by herself at home. Uncle is convenience that the only option is to put her in a home, and as cheap a one as possible. Mom and Dad aren't convience that's the only solution yet, but Uncle has told them that's what they need to do and M&D should make all the arrangements. Um...why? Mom admitted to me at least that she can't do everything by herself. We'll just have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, I went out to get a wedding present for the wedding I'm supposed to be going to in a couple weeks. I checked every store I could think of, and the couple isn't registered at any of them. Anyone know the proper thing to do now? I've never been to a wedding where the couple wasn't registered.

Got a local network message from Matt while I was working on this. Says he and Jeremiah have to be back for a meeting at "22:15." Now, is that 9 or 10 PM? I accidentally hit clear instead of reply (Seems my evening for doing things like that.) and my computer when all wacky on me when I tried to get back in. Maybe I should head up to the caf and see if I can catch him before I leave campus. Planning to have my left overs from Sunday night for dinner and share then with Mary Tyler Moore. Hope I get word on season 2 soon. It was supposed to be released in March, but no one seems to know anything about that now.

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