Friday, February 14, 2003

Let's see if I can actually post today. Yesterday, I tried to post something, but the internet here at the college died, so I lost it.

Wednesday, we got sent home from work early. It started to rain again Tuesday night, and poured all night. Placerita Canyon floods at the drop of a hat, so they sent us home. The ironic thing is, by noon, when we left, the water had really gone down. I guess things were still bad over on North Campus, but I've seen things much worse. As in, water so strong in the road that cars can't stop at intersections. The water just pushes the cars right on through.

So I went home and watched Back to the Future and finished reading Nancy Drew #1. Yes, that's right, a ND book. Actually, I hadn't read that one before. What surprised me most was the fact that Bess and George weren't in it. Looking through the few I have, looks like they don't show up until book 5 or 6. About the time Ned shows up, ironically.

But I must share the line that had me laughing. A villain is confronting Nancy and says, "This will be the last time you'll ever stick your nose in business that doesn't concern you!" If you only knew, fella....

Last night, we had our lowest turnout yet for Bible study. Of course, everyone had games, and it was homecoming. I simply can't wait for basketball season to be over. Of course, that will mean a group of guitarists. Still not sure how I feel about that. It will be nice to have some people helping me again, but I've been enjoying the extra time to myself. Plus, I think I'll still be point man, which isn't what I want. Plus, Jon keeps talking about no keyboard or piano. And I maintain we need it in there. Of course, he wants to introduce drums (good luck at my church). I don't get it, but I'll keep playing it by ear.

Survivor last night. Will anyone think any less of me if I say I'm glad the guys lost? They were asking for it! Any time you go around bragging like they were, you're asking for a put down like that. I will most definitely be rooting for Roger, since he's from Valencia (a part of Santa Clarita). I'd heard he was really chauvinistic, but I didn't think he was any worse then any of the other guys. Dan, even though he's an accountant, can just leave now. But so far, things are going about like I thought they would. The guys are doing better around camp as far as shelter goes, but the ladies are a much more serious threat at competition time then the guys will ever be willing to admit to. I learned long ago never to underestimate ladies when it comes to anything, however.

And, for the record, I was completely taken aback by the outcome of Celebrity Mole Wednesday night.

Donald, Heather, and it sounds like possibly Pete are coming over to watch a movie tonight. We've agreed on Monsters, Inc., but that's subject to change. And I may or may not be getting together with my “favorite” brother tomorrow. He's in Pasadena right now for a conference and has some free time tomorrow evening. We'll just have to see what develops. Meanwhile tomorrow, I also need to get a wedding present for Kevin and Rebecca (next weekend) and birthday present for Grandma to give her early when I'm in Santa Rosa and clean the apartment before my uncle and aunt stop by on Monday and Jeff comes for the week. For that matter, I need to see if I can find out when he's coming. Looks like my weekend will be almost the opposite of last weekend. But I don't have a SNYF, and I can't wait for the new version of the Music Man that's going to be on ABC Sunday night. I got the soundtrack this week (Kristin Chenoweth, don't you know) and I'm loving it. And I've never even seen the original movie or the stage production. Hopefully it'll live up to my expectations.

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