Monday, February 03, 2003

I guess I should fill you in on my weekend. :)

Friday night would have been perfect, if it weren't for the fact that I did three loads of laundry (Yes, SIM, that was especially for you.) But I got all my laundry finished, finally. I tried to do it earlier in the week, and the wet loads to dry were backing up, so I decided to skip it. Now, if the dryers would all dry uniformly so I didn't have to waste money and time redrying a load....

Saturday, my alarm went off an hour earlier then I had intended for it to. So I finished my book before I went to ultimate. Heaven forbid that I actually went to play when they started playing. Got to the park right at nine. And proceeded to have a horrid time. One player was yelling at me every time I messed something up. Our records for the day were the same, but he chose to take out his frustrations on me, which didn't make me to happy. Then he and Pete got into a huge disagreement on whether it's ok to ram into someone when you're both going for the frisbee. Of course, since this is supposed to be a non-contact sport.... Needless to say, it wasn't the best morning of ultimate I've had. But it seems to go in spurts and I'm sure I’ll have a great day next week.

And, obviously, I survived my meeting with the internet psychos. Who didn't call me Brian and there were no towels in sight, for the record. :) We hung out and talked. I couldn't believe it had been four hours by the time I'd left. I have no clue how late they stayed, but I'm glad I left when I did. Barely made it home and to bed. And I left at 9 PM.

Not that I got a good night's sleep. The wind decided to pick up and rattle my window like crazy. I tried to make it stop by stuffing a couple rags on the corners, but I don't think that's helping.

And things are so dry around here thanks to that wind. My eyes hurt when I leave them open to do something silly like work. WE NEED MOITURE!!!!

Last night was a family fellowship after the evening service. Had a blast. And the hostess served a delicious meal and gave me some of the left-overs. Naturally, the cafe is sounding the best it has in a long time this week.

Alias wasn’t that good last night. Probably wouldn’t have minded it if it hadn’t been for last week’s episode. Really hope they know what they’re doing at Bad Robot.

So, it was a good weekend with lots of time spent with other people. Can I spend some time relaxing by myself now? (Yes, I completely understand where you're coming from, Susansuth.)

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