Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Newbery Winner: Bronze Bow

This month in the monthly children's classics discussion, we are focusing on Newbery winners. Now, two of my choices have already been discussed (Witch of Blackbird Pond and My Father's Dragon), so I am going to go with a third, The Bronze Bow.

This book is set in 1st century Galilee. The story centers around Daniel, a young zealot who has a very intense hatred of the Romans. When he is forced to return to Nazareth to care for his invalid sister, he meets Jesus. Will these encounters change his life?

This was the book we did for English when I was in 8th grade. (I was home schooled at the time.) My entire family fell in love with it, and I went out and read the rest of author Elizabeth George Speare's books.

What makes this book so great? The story pulls you in almost from the start. And there is always something going on. It may not be exciting action, but there is plenty of conflict.

Better yet, the characters are real. You truly come to care for them by the time the book is over.

I can remember Mom reading this book aloud to us and the entire family being captivated by the story. This is a "kids" book that they will enjoy but will entertain any adult who reads it. It's certainly worked on me when I've reread it.


ibeeeg said...

We have this book. Tried reading it but at the time the children were a bit younger so we did not get into it. Having read your post has put the book into a new light - a light of where this book may be one of enjoyment. Thanks!

Mark Baker said...

I hope you do give it another chance and that you do enjoy it.

I'd say late elementary through jr. high is the youngest age range for the book. I doubt there's an upper limit.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I never heard of this one. Here is mine.

A Wrinkle in Time