Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Disney Report 2

Now, you'd think that I'd visit all four park before I went back to one, right? Well, you'd be wrong. See, Tuesday, I was back to Magic Kingdom. I spent the majority of the day hanging out with Jenn and Angelique. They started the day with a character breakfast at a nearby hotel. I slept in a little and got to the park about the same time they did. And we managed to hit the majority of the park.

And I've got to say, the lines really helped. The longest line in Magic Kingdom that day was for Peter Pan's Flight. We almost literally walked onto Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain.... You get the idea. And since we fast passed Peter Pan, our longest wait of the day was Jungle Cruise at 20 minutes.

And I did get into trouble on the Jungle Cruise. I gave one of the guides punch lines for him. Honestly, I thought he was going to stop it had been so long since he'd said anything else. And since it is one of my favorite lines, I had to say it. (But that was nothing like the yelling I got on Tuesday.)

It rained for maybe 20 minutes all day. It was cooler, but still humid and overcast. But this was the last of the rain we had done.

And I went to Mickey's PhilharMagic for the second time. This 3-D movie was one of my favorite things there. Donald steals Mickey's sorcerror hat and tries to conduct the orchestra. Things get wildly out of hand and he finds himself chasing the hat through songs from several Disney movies. The 3-D is great, the computer animation georgeous, and the songs fun.

I was the only one of the trio signed up for dinner that night. It was a character dinner at the Liberty Tree Restaurant. Several of the classic characters (Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale) came around while we ate turkey, stuffing, roast beef, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. family style. Lots of fun, even if Dana did convience Dale I was crazy.

From there, I hung out with Jayne, Susan, and Dana. We thought Animal Kingdom was open late, but we were a day off. Instead, we went to Downtown Disney were I bought some pins and then split off to hit Pleasure Island. I stayed later then I wanted to originally because I went to the comedy club. I laughed lots, but it wasn't at jokes I should have been laughing at. I popped into the Adventurer's Club, but it was too crowded to really do anything. So I stopped in a couple of the music clubs on my way back to the bus to the resort. I think I got in about 1 AM. Yep, another long but good day.

Wednesday, I finally made it to EPCOT. I started off the day by myself, but soon met up with Jenn, Angelique, and Rhonda and her family. We did stuff in the Future World part like Test Track and Mission Space for a while. Then Jenn got us backstage to look at the aquarium stuff, specifically the dolphine enclosure. That was special and something very few people get to do.

Fromt there, Angelique and I split off and started in on the World Showcase. We didn't get very far before we met up with the group who had dinner that night. It was too expensive for my budget, but we met up with them because some of them wanted to hit Disney Quest. This is a virtual theme park Disney has in Downtown Disney. Think virtual reality games. It was fun, especially the Virtual Space Mountain part, where you get to design and then ride your own rollercoaster.

The weather all day was overcast, but it was also cooler and less humid. Translation: the best weather we'd had all week.

(Since I've been telling everyone about my trip all week, I think this qualifies as an entry for Watercooler Wednesday.)


Kiefler said...

I have to agree, the virtual roller coaster was pretty awesome!

Did you go for extreme, or tame?

I think mine rated like a 9.3 out of 10. (Or equivalent. I don't remember the scale now.)

Mark Baker said...

I went for extreme. I think they rated it beyond scary for something like that.

Anonymous said...

So what did you do on Jungle Cruise? You need to elaborate more.

Comedy club? Is that the one with the phones on the wall. I went there with my sister and brother-in-law. My bro-in-law sat next to the phone, it rang, and I became part of the punchline. Adventurer's Club? What is that all about anyway. Never went in when I was there.
Dance clubs were just too noisy and crowded for me.

Share more please. This is good stuff.

Mark Baker said...

I don't remember seeing any phones on the wall of the club, but things might have changed since the last time you were there. There was only one in Pleasure Island, so I'm sure it is the same one.

As to the Jungle Cruise, we were to the end and the guide was talking about Trader Sam "Business has been shrinking lately, so he's running a special, two of his heads for one of yours. Get it? Two of his heads, one of yours." Long pause as everyone stared at him. So I said, "Any way you look at it, you'll come out ahead." Then he jumped on me for stealing his joke and ruining the timing. But Angelique agreed with me that it was beyond time for the joke, so if anyone ruined the timing, it was our guide.

Anonymous said...

Only you would remember all the jokes from the Jungle Cruise. The key is going on a Jungle Cruise where the guides put their own spin on the joke. The bigger key is when you are able to get someone like Tony Baxter as your guide, which I've heard happens from time to time.

Sad thing about the Jungle Cruise is that every time you go, you still laugh at the same jokes -- showing how timeless it is.

Mark Baker said...

Sad? That's part of the fun. And the jokes aren't quite always the same. They seem to have two or three scripts.