Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mini Review: A Vicky Hill Exclusive!

Unfortunately, today's review is another negative one. The first three books of Fall into Reading were me trying new authors, and I have only liked one of them, and it wasn't A Vicky Hill Exclusive! by Hannah Dennison.

The mystery is set in a small English village and stars Vicky Hill, a new reporters for the local once weekly newspaper. She is longing to do more than cover funerals, but the more beautiful Annabel seems to get those assignments.

But one day while Annabel is sick, Vicky decides to follow up on a tip and hopefully get a scoop. Some mutilated chickens have been found at the dump. Then a local death begins to look suspicious. And the villagers are acting pretty crazy. What's going on?

The plot was interesting and certainly kept me reading. It was the characters that ruined it for me, specifically Vicky. She was an idiot. At first, I found it funny, but it quickly wore out its welcome. And every time she got a clue or red herring, she came up with some wild explanation on how it all fits together. Frankly, that made it hard to follow what was really happening.

Then there's the issue of her virginity. She was dying to lose it, and convinced that half the characters, male and female, wanted to take it from her. I have a feeling those scenes were supposed to be funny, but I found them uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Believe me, I won't be going near the sequels.

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