Friday, August 01, 2008

No Memes. Let's Talk About Me!

Wow, I've been doing surveys and other fun stuff this week. But let's talk about my life, shall we? I know you are all dying to know what is going on.

Last weekend (see, it's been a while) was the launch party for Laura Levine's new book. Met up with Angelique down here. Found out that Joanne Fluke is doing a bunch more Christmas themed Hannah books and got to talk to Laura for a while as well. Plus Angelique and I had a great time chatting.

Monday was another ultimate Frisbee game. This was out week to have a game down in Venice. It was the same park we used for one game last year. And I didn't like it any better this time. They only light half the field for starters. But the results were better. We tied at 11 when they shut the lights off. I thought we'd have the same seven people show up, and we did, plus two subs. They were both women, which meant I was in on all the points where we started out on defense. But it really went much better as far as teamwork than Friday's game, too. The members of our team who have been gone should start showing back up now, so we should be strong for the final two weeks of the season.

Yikes! Do we really only have two weeks left of summer league? Say it isn't so!

This weekend is Trixie Camp. And it is the first one I have chosen to miss. Okay, so I could have skipped my brother's wedding to go four years ago, but that really wasn't an option. I'm not that selfish! And emergency surgery certainly wasn't my choice two years ago. But this year I skipped it for the DisneyWorld trip next month. While I know I will enjoy that trip and can't wait for it, I am also rather sad not to be in Tennessee right now. I sure wish I could do both.

Of course, it worked out well since I am in the middle of roommate transitions right now. Clint is half moved out and Anthony should be moving in tonight. Hopefully the rest of this transition goes smoothly.


Anonymous said...

DisneyWorld? Can I come? I have been there twice. Have you been there before? It is nothing like our Disneyland. Not even close. Magic Kingdom is like Disneyland, though many will say the original Disneyland is better. I think Magic Kingdom is special in its own way, mainly because some of the themes are a little bit different than Calfornia (Haunted Mansion for one, as well as Pirates).

I actually have not been to DisneyWorld since 1999. Meaning I have not been on any of the newer attractions (Everest, SPACE, and many, many others).

Have fun. I can't wait to go back again.

Mark Baker said...

I've been to Disneyland more time then I can count. But I have never been to Disney World. Which means I am so excited I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Even better!!! I actually like going to the Magic Kingdom first, since it's a nice transition from California. Have fun. Are you staying on property (at one of the resort hotels)? That is the only way to go. The transit system is exceptional.

Walt Disney pretty much did with DisneyWorld, what he probably hoped for with Disneyland -- an oasis. You just feel like you're in this huge Disneyesque city.

When you're at the highest point in one of the parks you don't see the cheap motels like in Anaheim. You might see one of the Disney hotels, another of the parks, etc.

Do the water parks (at least one should be open). Blizzard Beach is great. The large speed slide(Summit Plummet) is the best of its kind anywhere. Just check that your shorts still are on after you reach the bottom -- You will either get a wedgie (as I did) or lose your trunks going down.

For your pin needs, there is a Disney-store on steroids in Downtown Disney (Downtown Disney is much, much larger than the one in Anaheim).

EPCOT is great, but more for learning than rides (they are working on this. Test Track is a must ride BTW. They added Soarin', but you've done that. I so want to experience Mission Space). But, it's a great chance to go around the globe. The CMs in each of the countries is a native of their homeland, there through a special program.

Animal Kingdom was disappointing when I went, but they now have Everest, so it should be super cool. It is better than a zoo though.

MGM is lots of fun, similar to Universal, but Disneyfied.

Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!!

Charlene said...


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