Friday, August 15, 2008

Ending the Audit

Since my post titles recently have had to do with the audit, I figured I'd follow suit with this one.

Things have gone pretty smoothly. Not that I'm surprised since they usually do. They seemed to only talk to Phil, which is weird. But it seems that's what they've done the last couple of years. Did come get some discs of canceled checks from me, however.

I've spent part of the week off and on working on getting a TV in the second bedroom. Turns out the deal I got when I signed up was a temporary promotion. To get a box now is going to cost $5 a month. Really makes me wish I had gotten a third box back then. But I thought that was standard policy. Anyway, Anthony and I tried to figure out a work around, but it didn't work right, so I got a third box delivered today. Meant I got a couple hours off work this afternoon.

We lost our ultimate game Wednesday night. I don't know the final score, but I think it was once again in the 15-6 range. Worse yet, I got scored on several times. I ran hard and did my best to catch them, but they exploited my slow running speed. Tomorrow is the tournament, so we'll see how we come out in the end. As I've been saying, however, it was my turn to wind up on the team that finished in the bottom half considering I'm always on a team that is in the top half.

And there's a situation with one of my former roommates. I really need to talk to him. Hopefully, I can deal with that this weekend, too.


...tom... said...

"...but they exploited my slow running speed."

Bastards. They had a strategy..!!


Mark Baker said...

Yep. It's like they knew how to beat us or something.

Anonymous said...


For the TV ... do you have Cable, DirecTV or Dish. If it's cable (though pretty much all the companies these days will work out a deal to keep you), just call and ask for customer retention. I almost always have been able to get the promotions renewed, by stating that the competition is offering such and such a price. They will try to say you can't get a promotion. Just hang up and call back. Or insist.