Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Waiting for Shoes to Drop

That's what I feel like this week. Next week is our annual audit. And yet I think I am pretty much ready for it. There is always such a mad rush to get everything figured out those last few days. So I'm just waiting until we need to start that push.

Of course, next week will also be fun since I'll get to catch up on bank reconciliations. Yes, I know the fact that I enjoy doing so makes me sick. So be it.

Clint had finished moving out by the time I got home Friday night. And Anthony was moving in. He spent most of the weekend with friends, but we spent some time together last night getting the bunk beds set up in the second bedroom and moving the spare bunk from my room to the garage. I've got to say, it is nice to be sleeping on a regular bed again. And I love having the room rearrange again.

I made it to the movie twice this weekend. Mamma Mia is fun. And the latest Mummy is decent as well.

And I got to see my friends Stephen and Natalie while they were in town Sunday night. I just wish it hadn't been so brief.


Kiefler said...

I got to see Stephen just after you did. We hit the American River. Literally as well as figuratively!

Mark Baker said...

I am so jealous. How was it?