Friday, May 08, 2015

Beach League Tournament

My beach league team went into the tournament with a 5-5 record, which apparently placed us in second place.  I really don’t know the standings.  Unfortunately, we didn’t do that well during the actual tournament.

We start out with a close win when we let our first opponents come back from a wide margin at half time.  We then lost our next two games.  I think that left us in last place.  It’s where my beach league teams always wind up (all three years), but at least we got some wins this year.  Lots of wins, in fact.

However, the worst part for me came during the second game when I lost my temper with someone and stormed away from the game for a while.  I calmed down pretty quickly, but then I was just embarrassed about how I’d behaved.  I had to stick around since my ride was playing, but that made me go and apologize, which was a good thing.

And I was glad my friend was planning to drive that day since I’d found a leak in my car the day before.  I dropped my car off at my mechanics and they fixed a leaking hose while I was playing ultimate, so everything worked out car wise.

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