Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer League Game 1

Yep, being June, that means that summer league for ultimate Frisbee is off and running again.  Hard to believe I know.

We actually had our first game the first night - Monday of last week.  I'm in Men's league this year - wasn't lucky enough to get into coed this year.

My team will be interesting since several of the guys know each other and have played together at the college level for several years.  Also, we're running an offense I'm not super comfortable with since it leaves me on the side most of the time with nothing to do.  However, when we tried to run the other offense, it looked horrible and we were losing big time.

We started out going down right away and were soon down 3-6.  That's when we switched offense and mounted our comeback.  At half we were down 8-9.  We tied it up at 11's and then traded points for a bit until we finally pulled ahead and won 17-15.

Hopefully, we can keep that momentum going for the rest of the season.  It would be nice to be on a team that wins more than loses for a change (although winter league was 50/50).

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