Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly TV Recap Aug 13th

In Plain Sight - Season finales have weddings and babies, so this one had to have both.  Actually, I wasn't surprised about that or the fact that Mary's job interfered with the wedding.  I saw that coming from the premier.  What was nice was that our witness of the week was actually someone we had seen before.  It's the first time they've brought someone back since season one.  I'm not happy about Brandi leaving Peter at the altar, however.  I like how they have matured her and I loved her with Peter.  I hope that they bringing them back together somehow.  I believe I saw Peter rushing to Mary in the final shot of her in labor, so maybe that will be a way they can do it.  Of course, all that assumes they get picked up for another season.  I sure hope they do.

White Collar - I was on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering what the cliffhanger was going to be.  And Keller kidnapping Elizabeth was the last thing I expected.  Holy cow it's going to be a long wait until the next episode.  With the cat of the treasure out of the bag, too, I wonder what will happen between Neal and Peter.  I was glad to see Neal confess that he liked his life and wanted to stay.  Obviously, we'd seen that all along, but it was so nice to hear it.

Covert Affairs - I actually felt they handled Annie's sister finding out about Annie's real job very believably, and I can understand her asking Annie to move out, even after she's calmed down.  Annie has brought danger home with her a few times.  I guess they've written the brother-in-law out of the show since there was no mention at all of him, just taking the kids to his mother's.  I don't like that, although he was never a big part of things.  I was surprised that the defector actually died.  I figured they'd save him.  Sorry to see the doctor go, although I am rooting for Annie and Augie all the way.  Meanwhile, who did Jai call and what is he up to?

Wipeout (Tuesday) - All I've got to say is the classic video game references for Kong were great, especially during the qualifier.  Loved it.

Royal Pains - Okay, so they found a medical reason for the magician to be freaking out, but it felt like an episode for Necessary Roughness.  That aside, I quite enjoyed his story.  Didn't enjoy Evan and Hank's story as much.  It was nothing but embarrassment humor, and we all know how much I hate that.  Boris took Jill much more seriously than he let on, so what's up with that.  And as soon as I saw the doctor, I knew he and Divya would go out.

Necessary Roughness - This show is just too serious for me.  Maybe that's my problem with it.  Well that and I hate seeing people in self destruct mode, which is what TK is in most of the time.

Melissa and Joey - One or two funny lines, but most of it wasn't that funny.  Actually, the funniest part was having a character on a sitcom who is joke impaired.

Burn Notice - I really felt like we had two main stories dueling it out for most of the episode, although we focus more on Michael, Jesse, and Pearce at the end.  Jesse and Pearce shared so many funny lines, too.  I was wondering how the show would work with Michael no longer officially burned, and I think it's working quite well.

Suits - Okay, so generally I can't stand Louis.  He's egotistical and pushy and obnoxious and slimy.  But I felt really sorry for in this episode because he was trying to help the case, but it kept backfiring.  Okay, so quite often it was questionable, but still.  Meanwhile, Harvey was right at the end, he's not the kind of guy to take the credit and not share it when he knows he needs to.  And as a TV geek, I was happy with the guest stars, Bill Buchan from 24, Claire from Women's Murder Club, and Tuvok from Voyager.  Mike's storyline was only okay this week, although the hacker discovering his lie so easily did make it more interesting.  I'm thrilled this show has been renewed for next season.  I love it.

Wipeout (Thursday) - No one really stood out to me this week.  And after 7 months of the show being one once or twice a week I'm really tiring of it.  I hope they have the blind date episode with some people I met at a mud run on soon so I can give it a rest.

Expedition Impossible - My money has been on No Limits and Gypies to make the finals (I guess there will be four teams in the finals) for a while.  The only thing that could stop them are injuries.  And that almost happened to No Limits who went from first to last in the second part of this leg.  Still, I'm glad they are around, although I really wish Fab 3 would leave already.  I hate the way they yell and fight with each other.  Drives me up a wall.

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