Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Nights of Ultimate in a Row

I have played ultimate Frisbee the last three nights.  Yes, I am totally taking tonight off.  (Got to catch up on TV.)

Tuesday and Wednesday were my last two summer league games.  Surprise, surprise, we lost both of them.  Tuesday was 6-17 against the first place team.  Wednesday was better at 13-17.  We were even ahead 9-7 at half in that one.

Tuesday, I felt like I was contributing something on offense.  The guy who was supposed to be guarding me was poaching big time, so I was able to come back and let them swing it to me.  Of course, on defense, I was scored on so many times it wasn't even funny.  It was frustrating, however.

Wednesday was a disaster for me.  I was scored on several times and I threw it away both times I caught it.  I was definitely feeling low.

Which is one reason why I went to my pickup game here in town last night.  And it was exactly what I needed.  Okay, so I still am pretty bad at defense, but I scored several goals and made good plays elsewhere.  A roommate came with me, and we both had fun.

I also didn't go because of the back of my left knee.  It's been bugging me off and on all summer, and was killing me driving home Wednesday night.  But I popped some Advil and then iced it good and it's been perfect since then.

So tomorrow is the tournament that ends summer league.  We go into it in last place, which means we get to start out against the team we lost to on Tuesday night.  I'm not holding my breath that we'll make it very far.  We'll probably be playing the losers bracket right away.  Gee, can you tell how unenthused I am?  We'll see if I stick around after our second game.  We go have access to the nice pools there and part of my fees go to the party that will happen later that night, so I might stick around.  But if I'm too bored, I'll just come on home.  We'll just have to see who is there and how much fun I'm having watching instead of playing ultimate.

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