Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer League Tournament

Wow, is it really already Wednesday and I haven't talked about the tournament from Saturday yet?  Yikes!

Okay, to recap, we went into the tournament in 8th place out of 8 teams.  We had won one game out of the entire season.  I was expecting to play two games and be eliminated.  (Two games is the minimum).  In fact, the only reason I headed out to Pomona was to say I played in every game this season.

Since we were in last, our first game was against the top team in the league, the team we lost to 6-17 the week before.  Games at the tournament were to 13, and I wasn't expecting much.  Therefore, I seemed to be the only one excited by our 9-13 finish.  Yeah, it was still a loss, but it was much better than anything I had reason to hope we'd score.

So that immediately sent us down to the losers bracket.  I hadn't played much in our first game because it was closer than I expected it to be and we had 15 people there.  But I was prepared to play lots in game two.  And I did.  And we won.  I honestly don't remember what the score was, but we were all pretty exstatic.

That meant we actually got to play a third game to determine 5th place.  We were playing the only team he had beaten during the regular season.  The second time we played them, we turned a 9-3 win into a 16-18 loss.  And we lost a few players before this game started.  And we pulled off the win again!  It wasn't easy (none of our games were), but it felt great.

So we finished in 5th place in the league.  And we won twice as many games turning the tournament as we did during the regular season.

Obviously, I had fun.  Winning every so often does that to you.

Oh, and that first place team we lost to in the first game?  They lost their next two games to finish in 4th.  Mirror records for the day.

Once our last game was over, I hit the pool there at Cal Poly.  Played some pool ultimate (which is hard) and diving (or jumping in my case) into the deep pool for discs.  It was lots of fun and felt great.  Then I watched the co-ed finals and went to the party before driving home.

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