Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Losing a Roommate

This summer, I've had three roommates.  There have been four of us in my two bedroom condo.  That means I've been sharing my bedroom and bathroom again.

Last night, the roommate I share the room with walked into my office just before quitting and said, "Guess what.  I'm moving out tomorrow."  Long story short, he's still a college student and discovered he still had to live on campus.

I keep thinking about having my room back to myself.  He moved a lot in the night, and that made the bed creak, which would often wake me up.  There are lots of benefits.

But I'm bummed.

Yes, it was nice to have the extra income I was getting from three roommates.  And one of the others might bolt at any time (and I knew that going in).

But it's more than money.

As has been the case for the last couple of years, I genuinely like my roommates.  We have fun hanging out together, although we don't hang out too much outside the condo.  Still, we laugh together.  This particular roommate and I have the exact same sense of humor, so when we were both home, it was a blast.  I'm going to miss him for that reason.

Of course, I often feel sad when a roommate first tells me he's moving out, even if I know who is moving in.  I'm usually okay by the time they actually leave.  I think the speed this time just makes it harder for me.

It makes it a little better that he's mentioned a couple of times how he wishes he didn't have to move out.  Again, part of it is money.  But part of it is because he gets along so well with all of us.  That really makes me feel good.

So we'll see what happens and if I wind up going from three to one in a month or less.  Hopefully not, but things are so up in the air with the other one that you never know.

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