Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot Wet Weekend

No, I wasn't in the middle of Hurricane Irene.  I was home in Southern California.  But I still had a hot, wet weekend in other ways.

See, after a summer of mostly low 90's, it's decided to get HOT.  We're talking a reported high of 111 on Saturday.  Yes, that's three 1's.  I love hot weather, but that's a little hot even for me.

We'd actually had heat like that for the better part of a week, but that didn't keep me from being stupid Saturday morning.  I went for a run at 9AM when it was already well over 90.  Yes, I completed 4 miles, but it was slow and not pleasant.  I started sucking down water as soon as I got home.

Saturday afternoon, I headed to the beach with a group of friends, including former roommates Daniel and Luke.  It was in the 90's in Santa Monica, but it felt great.  The water was a tad nippy but pleasant when you got in it.  Unfortunately, the water was a bit rough for prolonged swimming, although three of the group had a blast boggie boarding.

Sunday, I finally had my friends Josh and Beth over to swim.  They don't have a pool, and I keep promising them they can come over and swim.  Unfortunately, Josh had to leave not too long after they arrived, but Beth and Josh's younger siblings stayed and we all had fun.

And that's the way to beat the heat, stay wet.  Plus it's a very fun way to stay cool.

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