Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update Time

How do the weeks go by without me updating?

Actually, this week it's fairly easy to see why.

First, Wednesday night I went to a rock concert. Downhere was back in town at Grace Baptist. I think I had a better time this year then last year. Last year I was bummed because they did lots of songs from their new CD (which came out the day before), and I didn't know them. This year, I had no such excuse. And I loved hearing those songs live. And I got more autographs after the concert, too.

They had a warm up act this year, Jason Gray. I really liked him as well and get his CD.

Then Friday, I headed north to visit my parents for the weekend. Phil was great and actually let me leave early Friday. Well, earlier than I had planned. We had half a day off already, but he came in and told me to leave once I had the deposit for the day done. So I left an hour and a half early.

Saturday was a mostly relaxing day. We went to see Miss Potter, which I had wanted to see anyway. It showed for a week or two in the Southern CA area, but never expanded up here like it was supposed to. We all really enjoyed it. Then we went for a walk around a small man made lake in the area and played Rummikub.

Sunday started with church, naturally. Then my uncle, aunt, and the aunt's mom came up for Easter dinner. And I made the cheesecake for dessert. It was a great afternoon. Great food and conversation. Nice and relaxed.

Monday I stopped and saw Donald on the way back south, which was wonderful as always. I wished he lived closer so we could see each other more often.

The last couple days have been back to work. Nothing too exciting happening there.

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