Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I really shouldn't be doing This

So, tonight I was going to spend some serious time tackling my room, cleaning stuff up to make room for Clint to move in next week. Instead, what am I doing? Reviewing and blogging. Yep, still the lazy guy I've always been.

Not that I haven't gotten something done. Sunday, I cleaned the closet, so I am only taking up half. Of course, I am taking every available space of my half. And I have put my CD's away. But I still have a ways to go.

Saturday, I certainly didn't have time. I started the day by heading down to Mysteries to Die For. They had three new authors I wanted to try. The author who was first was great. She had part of her book printed out like a script, and she had two audience members read with her. I read the part of the main character's brother. It was lots of fun. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the second two authors started their talk since we had a youth picnic of sorts and Kurt and Kellie's. Since the weather was cold, we spent most of the time indoors playings games. Still, it was lots of fun.

After that, Clint and I came back here and watched Spider-man 2. I must say, my opinion hasn't changed. While I like the first Spider-man, I find the second one too slow and boring. Not to mention depressing with everything Peter goes through.

Then, last night, my car was invited to spend the night at the Honda dealership. I took it in for minor service, and they found a couple other things that needed to be fixed. Most of it was covered by the warrantee, so it didn't cost me nearly as much as it could have. And they even paid for a rental car last night. It was nice, but it might have been more trouble then it was worth. Especially since I paid for the insurance and gas. Anyway, I have it back now. It's so nice to have my own wheels again.

Also last night, I got so addicted to Drive. I recorded it over the weekend, not sure if I wanted to get hooked on another show or even if I would like it. But I decided to watch the first of the three hours I have to see if I liked it. I watched all three hours last night. I couldn't stop. I am counting the hours until the next episode next Monday night.


Matt said...

I'm also addicted to Drive. I like that you can watch on-line to catch up. Let's hope this doesn't end up like the other Fox show starring Nathan Fillion produced by Tim Minear. (i.e. Firefly)

laanba said...

Definitely love Drive. I watched the first episode while the director gave live updates from Twitter. I was hooked after the first hour.