Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am in Serious Trouble

You know, posting last Wednesday turned out to be okay. I actually got everything done in my room I wanted to get done. Which is a good thing.

Thursday was a weird youth group. We started out with a small group, so I decided to do requests instead of what I had planned for worship. But we wound up with a large group anyway. Still, it was a good night.

Saturday was an absolute blast. Angelique and I met up at Disney's California Adventure. It was the first time she'd been and only the second time for me. The park is as I remember, rather small. It was easy to get everything we wanted in done, including two trips on Sourin' Over California (my favorite), California Screamin', and the Monster's, Inc. ride.

But we also gave in to temptation and started collection the pins that they sell in the stores. We hit all the shops since I was looking for a particular pin I had spotted in March. We did find that, but we found plenty we liked. I bought 10 pins and I don't remember how many Angelique bought.

They would be dangerous enough if it weren't for the fact that you can also find them on-line. Ebay has lots up for auction. I have been spending way too much time over there in the last few days and I bet I've bought at least another 10 pins by now, including the one I couldn't find. I may seriously need some kind of intervention. I don't think I can afford this hobby. Espcially since this weekend is the LA Times Festival of Books, where I always spend lots on books.


Susan said...

Oooh...pins have got you, have they?

And you don't want to think about the fact that each of the Disney theme parks has different pins...*G*

If you ever find one that's at Disneyworld that you want and I'm headed that way, I'd be glad to pick one up for you.

My current bad hobby pin is Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. Fortunately, they don't make too many of him.

But enough to keep me in trouble.

Any particular character you like that I can keep an eye out for you?


Mark said...

You are an enabler, aren't you?

I'll keep that in mind, but I think between Disneyland here and Ebay I'll be okay.