Thursday, September 01, 2005

Word Association for September 1st

Brought to us this week by Matt and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Timber Wolves-- What do you think about collectables? Do you have any geegaws like wolves or dragons or crystals or tea cups and such hanging around the place? ...or maybe on your back in the form of a shirt or jacket?
I collect books like crazy, and some of them are actually rare. Not sure how valuable, but rare. I don't collect nick nacks, but I'm getting a nice Christmas ornament collection and mug collection together as well.

Twosome: of the -- Speaking of the clothes on your back, what is your favorite 'lounge around' stuff? You know, the type of thing you put on to eat ice cream and watch an old movie?
True confessions time? During the summer it's often just a pair of shorts. During colder weather it's an old T-shirt of some kind and some warm-up type pants I've had for years.

Threesome: North-- What's "North" to you? Is it the Mason-Dixon line? ...the Canadian border? ...the Arctic Circle (for Mary) ...or something a little less defined? ...and how far "North" have you been?
North for me is Canada. Maybe Washington, but certainly Canada. I've been very far north in an airplane, but the furthest north I've been on the ground is Jasper in Alberta.

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