Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never Learn

As I'm sure everyone knows, today is the fourth anniversary of the terrible terrorist attacks on this country. Everywhere we look, there are specials and comments about what happened four years ago. And that's good. We need to remember what happened to us that day.

But have we learned anything from it?

What are we doing to stop these attacks from happening in the future?

And have we made the government any better to help us with a future attack?

Looking at what is happening in Lousianna and Mississippi, it seems obvious the answer to that last one is no. And since the responsibility for helping in a crisis like this falls on local, state, and federal government, I do blame all three equally.

Maybe once the rescueing is done and the rebulding starts, we can get past the politicing and start looking for the real solution to these questions.

In the mean time, we need to learn from these two tragedy. And if the politicans won't and just want to point the finger at each other, I say we vote all of them out of office, Democrat and Republican alike.

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