Monday, September 26, 2005

Broken Guards, Book Signings, Game Nights, and Hanging Up on Friends

And that's just Saturday!

Friday night was career Bible study again. Finished Ecc. 9. We've officially been on the book for over a year now. Of course, I am highly enjoying the study, so I can't complain too loudly.

Saturday morning, I got an early start to my day because I had lots I wanted to do. Starting with cutting my hair. I put the guard I wanted to use on. It felt a little loose and even came off a few times. But as I was taking a swipe while trying to make polish things off, it officially broke. Fortunately, I was really done, but now I need to replace it. And it was my favorite guard, too. :( On the bright side, I never wound up cutting my hair with the bare clippers, so I didn't have to shave, which I wasn't looking to do this weekend. Of course, no one would believe me if I said it was an accident.

The main reason I got up early was because there was a book signing I wanted to go to for Taffy Cannon's new book. Met up with Angelique there. We had fun wandering the bookstore and talking books, and got to talk to Taffy for a few minutes as well.

Then it was back up to finish cleaning because I was hosting the game night. We played Catch Phrase and had lots of fun doing it. And Carol brought Fudge Cupcakes from Joanne Fluke's recipe. They were so good.

Speaking of whom, she's one of the authors I've contacted to donate books for the FUNdraiser at Jix. She sent me the books so I could pass them on, but she also sent me a copy of Sugar Cookie in paperback for me. Wasn't expecting that, and it was a nice thought.

During the game night, I got a call. Now I want objective opinion if I was rude or not. I didn't recognize the name, number, or area code on my caller ID. In fact, I couldn't tell if it was a name or not because I glanced at it briefly. I answered the phone, and the person on the other end said, "Would you be interested if I could lower the interest rate on your mortgage." Thinking it was an unsolicited phone call, I told him no, asked him to stop calling me, and hung up. After all, I had a condo full of guest.

A couple minutes later, the phone rang again. Same number/name. I answered, "Look, I told you not to call me any more." The person on the other end said, "Didn't you recognize my voice?" After a few seconds of trying to place it, it dawned on me. Matt! I would have been more embarrassed had he not tried to fool me. And it is hard to recognize voices when you've got a house full of people talking while you're on the phone.

And a note to Matt. In the future, don't assume I'll recognize you voice. All my friends do that and I usually don't on a sentence or two. Go ahead and identify yourself. It'll save you from having to call me back when I hang up on you. Not that I would have had I known.

Of course, he must be mad at me. He said he'd call me back last night, but didn't. Then again, I was at church when I told him I'd be home.

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