Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Week at Least. Maybe Seven Days

Wow, it's been a while since I've talked about my life. Maybe I should fix that.

Of course, most of the time there hasn't been anything major going on. Classes have started at the college, which means Casey is now consumed with homework at night.

I wasn't feeling well at all Thursday, so I skipped youth group. Did nothing yet again.

Saturday game night was game afternoon. We headed down to a beach. Turned out we spent lots of time moving stuff around since after we set up the first time, we found the fire pits. Then the fire pits were already full, so we couldn't use them. The final straw was when we realized no one had brought matches, so we couldn't start a fire. So we went to a restaurant for dinner. Even with all the set backs, a good time was had by all. Or at least me.

Sunday night we didn't have worship team practice because they were starting up a discipleship meeting at the same time. Certainly didn't want to interrupt that. We'll have to see how things go Thursday night. Don't think I've touched my guitar for several weeks. But I've had songs picked out for several weeks, so we'll go with those.

Among the students who are back is Matt S. aka the other Matt. Great to see him again.

Last night, I forgot to get gas on the way home from work. Today rumors are flying that gas prices were going to skyrocket today, and I was upset that I might have cost myself quite a bit of money. Turns out I worried for nothing. Gas was exactly the same price as it was last night when I drove by.

So maybe the reason I haven't updated is there really wasn't much to say.

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