Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shameless Plug

Today's post is a commercial. It is unpaid for. The space is freely given. I hope you will continue reading.

A couple months ago, I mentioned the new blog my friends and I were starting with a new story we were co-writing. When I mentioned it, it was in passing and we didn't have any of the story up yet. We are now on Episode 17. We have 25 currently written, so we're close to caught up. Translation, there's plenty to read if you so desire.

It's an experement of sorts. We are given an assignment for each episode and must follow it. "Create a new character." "Create a new location." "Move a character to a location." "Develope the character." That kind of thing. We have no clue what our assignment will be. Our job is to fill it in and make our episode as long as it needs to be. No shorter or longer. Since there are seven of us who rotate, we have no clue how the others will take what we've done and run with it and no clue what the characters will be doing by the time we get them back.

It's entitled Superheroes and Villians. The first few episodes were a little slow as we were getting the feel for our format and story. But I'm quite intrigued by what we have going on now.

So come on over. You really need to start at the beginning to follow who and what we have going on. And please be sure to let us know what you think. We've already gotten some useful information from comments left on what's up so far.

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