Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Boom Today. Boom Yesterday, However

See what happens when you blog at 10 PM while watching Fox News? You forget some things you were going to include.

Like the surprise visit from John. He was on campus showing a potential student around.

Or the fact that I was awakened by a sonic boom at 5 AM yesterday. Edwards Airforce Base is an hour to an hour and a half from here, and whenever they use it for a shuttle return, we get a boom and the windows rattle. Being a California native, my first thought was earthquake. Then the fact that there was a boom registered, and I concluded it must have been the shuttle.

I was partially awake when it happened. I might have slept through it otherwise.

In other news, Casey and I actually rode into work together today. He'd been riding in with his boss since they needed to start work an hour earlier then normal. It was nice. I've really been missing riding with him.

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