Monday, August 15, 2005

The Booms Continue

My weekends just aren't long enough. I'm always really beginning to relax when Monday morning hits. :)

Friday night was the first career Bible study I'd been to in a long time. Like months and months. It was a time of extended prayer and worship with an emphasis on praise and thanksgiving. And it was wonderful. What I really needed.

Saturday afternoon found me down at Barnes and Noble because Joanne Fluke was there. And she already has the recipe card for the next book, so now I have her cherry cheesecake recipe. Can't wait to try it! Talked with her and her husband for quite some time. Bought the first in her series for my aunt and the latest Diagnosis Murder novel. Decided to go ahead and get it and not wait a month until the signing.

Talking to Joanne, I found out her launch parties weren't just at a bookstore, but a used bookstore. Naturally, I had to stop by on the way to the game night. And I bought 5 books. I think I'm in serious trouble now that I know about it.

Josh and Bonnie were at the game night again this week. And Debbie was back. We had pita pizzas and played Mexican Train Dominoes. Lots of fun.

Sunday, I sorta heard my alarm going off, but slept through it. Got up very late and made it for the second half of Sunday School only. Church was outside again because of renovating the church/gym. Fortuantely, it had really cooled down so it was also cold when the breeze blew at the begining of church.

Sunday afternoon, I went to see Sky High. I think I have a thing for predictable movies. I loved it! Lots of fun and some great action scenes. Of course Lynda Carter got the best line. "I tried my best to help you, but I'm not Wonder Woman."

Which brings us to last night. We had quite the thunder and lightening storm last night. I was awakened around 3 by the thunder, although it took a few claps to realize what it was. It was right on top of us for a while, which made going back to sleep inpossible. We even lost power for a few seconds. Long enough that I had to reset my alarm clock. It probably lasted about half an hour. Then I had to to get back to sleep, which finally happened sometime after four.

I had gone to bed early last night to be sure I got up for work on time. But thanks to the storm, I again slept through my alarm and got to work late. And I was feeling tired all morning, too. I simply must get to bed early tonight.

I was feeling so tired at lunch time I thought I might take a nap when I went out to my car to read. In stead, I got sucked into Evan Blessed and couldn't put it down. I took all my will power to come back in with only 35 pages to go. Finishing that book will most certainly be on my agenda tonight!

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