Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back At It

Got back into town last night. Here's the exciting weekend.

Thursday, got to Donald and Heather's a little later then I had intended. But I still have a good visit with them.

Friday, Donald went into work late, so I didn't have to rush quite as much as I would have. Have I mentioned he's a good friend? Went to Half Price Books. Sold back a duplicated I'd bought in Dallas, but they refused to give me anything for the other, so I kept it. Now I need to figure out what to do with it. Anyway, I turned around and bought $27 worth of books, including three in an out of print series I am quite anxious to get to.

Got to the airport a little later then I had intended, but just as my bro and sil were getting off the plane. We headed to our parents. Ate lunch then went to play miniture golf at a nearby course we enjoy. Mom tried to disown me (accidentally while trying to give sil a hard time). Came home and looked at some of Mom and Dad's pictures from their trip to Botswana.

Saturday was the hard day. My aunt and cousin were really glad to see us, especially bro and sil since they came from so far away. Still, I felt like we should have been doing a little more to comfort, yet it's hard when you hardly know someone. Did see a friend who has recently started working at the church where the service was. The service itself was nice. Afterwards, a group of us hung out at my parents for a while. Saw the rest of their pictures.

Sunday I slept in late. Everyone else was up in time for church, but I wasn't. Felt great. Hung out with sil's family a little then drove to the beach and ate dinner out there before coming back.

Monday I was the first to leave to come home. Ate lunch with Donald on my way by. Didn't get to the final book in the audio dramas of the Chronicles of Narnia. And that's about it.

It really was a good trip. I'm very sorry for the reason I had to go, but really had a good time with family.

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