Friday, April 29, 2005

You know, I used to update more frequently

Remember when I would do that? Me, too. What happened?

Of course, maybe that was when I had a life so there was something to update.

Monday - Went home and watched TV. 24 was great!

Tuesday - Potential new roommate didn't make it over to see the place. We're trying for next week. Watched TV.

Wednesday - Watched Enterprise with Matt and Casey then went home and watched Lost and Alias.

Thursday - Youth group. Watched Survivor. Finished my reread of Mystery at Bob-White Cave.

Hm. Maybe I'd have more of a life if I didn't watch so much TV.

Actually, youth group was interesting last night. The youth pastor couldn't make it, and the back-up speaker had soemthing come up so he went out of town at the last minute. So they played games for over an hour, lead worship, and took prayer requests. That was it. No deep spiritual truthes. Yeah, you want me to come up with something, you need to tell me before five minutes after youth group started. Fortunately, we did have a rather small turn out because of sporting events and other things going on.

And we have a fifth person in the condo at the moment. The guy who is causing the other three to move out is out visiting. Seems like a nice enough guy in the 10 minutes we were both around last night to talk. It's rather funny, but I will hardly be seeing him and he's not leaving until Sunday.

There's another poster up from a guy looking for a place to live this summer. So, naturally, I've put the pressure on Casey to find out so I know if I need to persue this or not. Why must life always get so complicated?

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