Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Welcome Spring! Stick Around

The last couple of days have been georgeous. High 70's. The kind of day where I wish I were outside, but I substitute by leaving my window open.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to crash back to the 60's and stay there through the weekend. :(

This isn't fair! It's the beginning to April. We should be having nice spring weather now and not March transition weather.

Can you tell I'm ready for nice weather?

Got the second season of Greatest American Hero yesterday. Watched the first episode admist the mocks of two of my roommates last night. Can't wait to watch more. Preferrably alone.

I'm getting somewhere at work. Especially once I figured out why the account rec was off my 74,888. It was the balance in the second bank account we had in there. I'd completely forgotten about needing to combine the two to get the true balance. Once I remember that about 11 last night, things started falling into place.

And it's been quite a while since I book blogged, hasn't it? Maybe it's time I caught up.

I finally reread The Marshland Mystery. I think one reason I had such a hard time getting to it was because it's so dull. Even now, I keep waiting for the mystery to start. Not my favorite in the series.

In Like Flynn was very good. And it even takes Molly out of 1902 NYC and into Westchester County. On the train, she even goes through Ossining. This is Molly's fourth mystery. I love the characters in this series. The plots aren't as tight at in the Evan series. Clues fall into Molly's lap by accident. Still, I enjoy the series.

And I finished Owls Well that End Well Monday night. Donna Andrews did another great job. I don't know if this one was funnier then Parrots, but it was certainly right up there. Just ask poor Tom who was trying to sleep in the bottom bunk while I was giggle and silently laughing in the top bunk. Plus the plot has a couple nice twists to it that I never saw coming.

And a word about my currently reading section on the left. The site that comes from was hacked and went down. Plus the owner is leaving the country for 10 days. So I probably won't be able to update it for the rest of the month. You'll just have to watch my reviews at Amazon to the posts themselves to find out what I'm reading, I guess.

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